Research & Audit

Collaborating for development

Our aim is to collaborate with health centres, scientists and institutions with an interest in Occupational Health development globally. Working with organisations such as GOHET, ILO, GHS, NIOH in South Africa, the University of Michigan, WHO, Public Health Ghana and GIMPA, we aim to undertake research projects and audits, that will benefit the Occupational Health practice in Ghana and globally.

Sustained outcomes

Our approach will help organisations adapt to the challenges posed by employee health issues. Below are some of our overarching goals.

Robust OH reporting systems to management

Enforce regulatory compliance to boost worker morale

Keep abreast with cutting edge OH research

Periodic Audit of OH policies, processes and procedures

Improve competencies of OH staff through CPD

Developing a culture of continuous life-long learning

A healthier workforce

Our specialised medical services are designed and delivered by experienced clinical teams, who provide a meaningful overview of health and wellbeing, supported by advice and guidance on appropriate steps for each individual to reduce associated risks.

Maximise performance

Let’s assist your organisation in fostering the optimal health and safety conditions required for sustained growth and profitability. Contact our team today.