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We offer top-notch occupational health and well-being services to corporate clients, public sector institutions, state-owned enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and individuals. Our team are dedicated to delivering high-quality and efficient solutions aimed at assisting organisations in fostering optimal health and safety conditions, that would aid in their sustained growth.

Our broad experience

Medifem Occupational Health & Wellness Limited is a subsidiary of Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital & Fertility Centre a prestigious privately-owned healthcare institution in Ghana.

Committed to delivering a wide range of specialised medical services, we boast a team of consultants, Dr. Richard Banful, Dr. Joseph Blankson, and Dr. J.K. Akuoko, who collectively possess over four decades of local and international medical expertise, with a deep passion for advancing the Ghanaian and West African health industry.

Our principal aim is to cater for the broad occupational health needs of Ghanaian and West African workers, including the informal sector. We offer flexible services and help to design occupational health strategies tailored to the needs of each organization and industry sector.

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Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted Occupational Health provider in Ghana and beyond, by offering value-added solutions and positive client experience through expert advice.

Our Mission

To help maintain the health and well-being of employees and make the workplace a safe environment so our clients can improve employee satisfaction and increase profitability.

Our pledge

To ensure our dedicated, highly trained and professional teams offer safe, quality and effective occupational health services and advice to organisations, based on client needs, expectations and a good understanding of our clients’ workplace and culture.

Sustained outcomes

Through our highly trained occupational health team, we deliver exceptional cross-sector services. Here are some reasons organisations choose us.

Increased work efficiency from reduced occupational accidents and injuries

Reduced costs in relation to compensation and medical claims resulting from injuries

Improved performance and productivity through reduced sickness absence

Enhanced competitive advantage by protecting your human capital through sound OH processes

Increased employee morale, reduced labour attrition and a better corporate image

Increased regulatory compliance with a boost for corporate and social responsibility

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