Health Promotion & Wellness

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

A healthy and happy workforce means good business. Your employees are potentially exposed to a number of health hazards or situations at work on a regular basis. Through road shows, lectures, open days, smoking cessation and other programs, we provide a proactive approach to physical and mental health well-being. Our health promotion and wellness programs promote a good work/life balance, a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

How our team can help

Our experience ensures we work with you to provide programmes tailored to your organisation needs.Here are some ways we can support you.

Strategies that contribute to better business performance

Corporate fitness and wellbeing with an integrated approach

Workshops and training to help teams feel more productive

Employee assistance programmes to support mental health

Health & lifestyle screenings to help with lifestyle changes

Providing additional occupational health and well-being services

A healthier workforce

Our specialised medical services are designed and delivered by experienced clinical teams, who provide a meaningful overview of health and wellbeing, supported by advice and guidance on appropriate steps for each individual to reduce associated risks.

Maximise performance

Let’s assist your organisation in fostering the optimal health and safety conditions required for sustained growth and profitability. Contact our team today.