Executive Medicals

Protecting your investment

Your organisation’s executives, professionals and employees are your biggest investment, and their health should be considered as a high priority. At Medifem Occupational Health and Wellness, our comprehensive executive medical examinations are designed to pick up early signs of disease and provide appropriate advice. Our medicals checks go beyond simple screening. We also manage treatment, ongoing monitoring, and guide employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

How our team can help

Our medicals are tailored for each organisation and each individual on a risk-based approach. Below are some of the examinations we offer.

Detailed medical history and physical examination

Visual health checks, assessments and detailed advice

Relevant blood tests for both male and female employees

Immunizations to protect against serious infections

HIV, Hepatitis and STD screens provided by consent

Chest x-ray, weight, well-being and fitness examinations

A healthier workforce

Our specialised medical services are designed and delivered by experienced clinical teams, who provide a meaningful overview of health and wellbeing, supported by advice and guidance on appropriate steps for each individual to reduce associated risks.

Maximise performance

Let’s assist your organisation in fostering the optimal health and safety conditions required for sustained growth and profitability. Contact our team today.